". . . for those persecuted for their faith in Christ."

Persecution of Christians is happening right now in many parts of our world. The Middle East & Asia in particular are regions experiencing some of the highest concentrations of governments enforcing heavy restrictions and oppression. For the last 30 years Ethnos Asia has targeted its effort into these regions. Areas at the center of the Middle Eastern conflicts extending to the borders of Korea, to the southern regions of Sri Lanka, to the northern reaches of Mongolian tribal lands in China and the many countries in-between, EA strives to bring the transforming & sustaining hope of Christ to the people of these lands.


  • REACHING DEEP: To reach into Access-Restricted Nations throughout Asia & the Middle East, STRENGTHENING those persecuted for their faith in Christ, EQUIPPING and RESOURCING them to reach their nations as they build the Body of Christ within their regions.  
  • CATALYTIC: To mobilize the Body of Christ worldwide to address the needs of the PERSECUTED so that the hope of life in Christ continues forward. 


  • TRAINING: Equipping for Church Planting ministries, Education, Medical care, Family life & Access to Bibles
  • AID & RELIEF: Disaster & long term imprisonment care
  • WORLD MOBILIZATION: Prayer & financial network developed worldwide


  • Recruit North American expertise, experience, and compassion teams to help train indigenous leadership
  • Work with indigenous church leaders' networks, with local churches and with other Christian organizations towards gospel expansion
  • Conduct national and regional leadership programs 
  • Organize prayer and mission conferences 
  • Coordinate medical outreaches and training
  • Initiate church-based aid programs and community development