Ethnos Asia USA: Strengthening and Serving the Body of Christ in Nations that restrict the message of Christ and His church.  

“The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”
— Matthew 9:37-38

Ethnos Asia Direct Ministries:

SHORT TERM MISSION TEAMS: EA-USA can help you can take part in many of these ongoing ministries as a part of a short-term mission opportunity. Please contact us to find out more information.


Church empowerment programs (CEP)

CEP's bring leaders and workers together for training and development for the purposes of equipping local churches and the discipling of new church leaders. EA engages in national and regional consultations regarding social issues, strategies, and prayer mobilization of national church leaders.

Deborah Project

EA designed the Deborah Project specifically to assist local ministries reach and train women. The Deborah Project conferences have brought an amazing hope and the needed spiritual empowerment through prayer, training and discipleship to women who are often marginalized, oppressed or forgotten in their cultures. Come be a part of ministering to women of whom God will in turn use to reach the women of their countries with the hope of Christ.

Provision of Bibles and Christian Literature

We provide Bibles in various languages to people groups needing them the most through printing, delivery and distribution. We need couriers to bring these bibles through as well as funds to print and distribute bibles throughout these persecuted regions. Also, we are always looking for people with supply chain experience to help us continue this ongoing ministry. 

Project A.S.I.A. (Assistance and Services in Action)

This is a program which responds to the short and long-term needs of those who are immediate victims of persecution, poverty, political unrest, famine, natural disasters and illnesses. The program is undertaken through:

  • Disaster relief & medical assistance
  • Educational sponsorship of children & the establishment of local schools
  • Ministries to refugees and border people
  • Emergency assistance to help pastors, Christian workers and their families especially those impacted by imprisonment.


Pray for the Nations

EA believes in Prayer!  Our heart is to mobilize the church worldwide to minister to access-restricted nations in Asia through our Prayer Conferences, monthly prayer guide (Prayer Focus), an online prayer network (Prayer Net) and Prayer Trips. Join us for a trip through some of the persecuted areas and encourage the believers through prayer. 


Missions Conferences for the persecuted church

EA sponsors conferences intended to provide the church worldwide with an opportunity to hear and respond to the voice of the persecuted Christians in access-restricted nations in Asia. Smaller, regional conferences are scheduled throughout the year in various countries. Our largest EA event is typically scheduled in the spring every other year. The next large conference will be in the spring of 2017. If you'd like to be a part of these, please contact us for information about when and where these are happening. 


An access-restricted nation is a nation without the freedom of religion. Restriction shows up in many forms-either through direct government persecution and legal restrictions; political instability; or conflict between ethnic and religious groups. Most often access into these nations is limited, monitored and restricted. 

These access-restricted nations comprise most of the world's unreached peoples and most of the governments that oppose Christianity.  Over half of the world's population is located in Asia & the Middle East. The region represents the largest blocks of the main world religions and philosophies including Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Animism and Communism. 



The world needs the gospel of Jesus Christ. These areas need the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

EA USA's heart is to gather those who will PRAY that the Lord continue to raise more for the harvest. As the Lord raises these, EA engages with the local national believers in access-restricted nations in Asia (ARNA), strengthening, training and supporting their needs as they live under multiple forms of restrictions and persecution. 

Partner with EA and join us in extending the hope of Christ into the gospel-deprived regions of our world. From a prayer warrior here in the US, to a prayer trekker walking the Himalayas, we have many ways to get involved. See how God can use you to be a beacon of blessing to those being persecuted for their faith today.